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About PulmoLogic

PulmoLogic is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and intends to bring to market rapidly scalable medical device solutions. The company consists of medical device professionals with experience in regulatory, fund development, engineering design, and manufacturing, and plans to partner, where possible, with existing firms to accelerate its mission.


PulmoLogic has been founded under the leadership of Jascha Wilcox.

Jascha Wilcox, founder and CEO, is an experienced product design consultant based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Emergency Ventilator Optimized for Rapid Manufacturing

ClipVent is a mass-producible, cost-effective, and easy-to-use ventilator that may be deployed during emergencies and disaster situations. It is not intended to replace ICU-grade ventilators.

It needs no electricity or computer, utilizes only a standard hospital pressurized oxygen supply, and operates in both pressure-control and pressure-support mode. The ClipVent uses standard 15 and 22mm tube fittings that can connect with modular devices such as viral filters, patient monitors, and humidifiers.

What is ClipVent?
ClipVent is a rapidly manufacturable derivative of a widely-known emergency ventilator design currently FDA-approved under multiple brands.

How is it different from existing emergency ventilators?
ClipVent has been optimized for the plastic injection molding process. Existing designs require complex injection mold tooling that can take weeks to produce, but the tooling for ClipVent can be produced in days. Initial production of the ClipVent is expected to begin at volumes of up to 100,000 units per month. ClipVent also does not require any special equipment to assemble — it can be assembled by hand in minutes.

Does it have adjustable PEEP?
Yes, the PEEP is adjustable with PIP at a fixed ratio of 1:5. For instance, setting the PIP to 20 cmH2O would result in a PEEP of 4 cmH2O. Currently, additional configurations of ClipVent are under development that allow higher PEEP settings.

How is it powered?
ClipVent is powered by compressed gas. It requires 50psi of compressed air or oxygen.

What modes of ventilation does it support?
ClipVent operates in Pressure Control mode as well Pressure Support mode.

Does it have a monitor?
No, ClipVent does not have a built-in monitor. However, an external inline monitor can be installed in order to provide alarm functionality. PulmoLogic currently does not offer a monitor product.

Does it have an outlet aerosol filter?
No, ClipVent does not have a built-in aerosol filter. However, a filter could be installed inline with the patient's breathing tube, however this is currently an untested use case.

Can it be reused?
No, the ClipVent is not designed to be reused or sterilized.

Is it available?
ClipVent is in the final stages of development and will be available in volume pending validation.

Is it FDA approved?
The ClipVent is not currently FDA approved. It will be submitted for addition to the existing FDA Emergency Use Authorization regarding ventilators during the COVID-19 crisis.

Press Release Details

PulmoLogic Demonstrates Rapidly Manufacturable Emergency Ventilator

April 14, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, CA— PulmoLogic, a San Francisco Bay Area startup, has demonstrated a rapidly manufacturable emergency ventilator. The device, named ClipVent, is a derivative of already-existing, FDA-approved emergency ventilator designs. The oxygen-powered device has been modified for manufacturing speed and rapid deployment and is expected to be made available at $100 per unit.

The attached video demonstrates the ClipVent operating with a test lung.

“This video demonstrates a functional prototype of the design,” said Jascha Wilcox, PulmoLogic’s technical director. “The device is specifically designed to be injection molded at very high volume to scale with exponential demand requirements, similar to those of a pandemic.”

Plastic injection mold tooling for ClipVent can be produced in days, with initial production expected to begin at volumes of up to 100,000 units per month. Existing designs require more complex tooling that typically takes weeks to produce. ClipVent also does not require any special equipment or tools to assemble — it can be assembled by hand in minutes.

“In disaster situations, healthcare institutions should have a sufficient supply of emergency equipment,” said Isaac Sheets, PulmoLogic’s managing director. “With ClipVent, PulmoLogic aims to ensure the availability of that equipment.”

ClipVent is now undergoing product validation and seeking FDA Emergency Use Authorization. PulmoLogic is currently fundraising to bring the product to market as soon as possible.